What's So Funny?' Lock and Key Diary with Jokes and Magic Light Pen

  • WHAT'S YOUR SECRET WISH? Kids love to have a diary to dream & write thoughts & secrets. With pages of jokes and a magic light of pen to reveal the punchlines, this book will be a hit!
  • KEEP MEMORIES: Imagine what you can do with your own diary! Write down fun experiences or compose poems, gather autographs from friends, doodle, glue in photos or clippings, the options are endless!
  • JOURNALS UNLOCK YOUNG MINDS: Keeping a diary can be an enriching, fun, and relaxing activity for kids. It fosters a safe place for self expression, creation, and exploration of new ideas. Write on!
  • BENEFITS: Give children a sense of control to choose their own thoughts, topics, and how long they wish to write. Journaling can improve writing skills, vocabulary, & help to process big feelings.
  • DETAILS: Jokes with magic light pen, colorful graphic cover, and a lock and key contain double-sided, lined pages.5.5 inches wide x 6.25 inches high.
Ages 6+