UGears U-9 Grand Prix Car

UGears U-9 Grand Prix Car

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The thrill of speed, roar of engines, wheel to wheel battles and shiny frames flashing before the eyes of wildly excited audience of the early car races  – it’s all there, in UGEARS’ fascinating U-9 Grand Prix Car based on iconic designs of the Golden Age of the automobile industry at the beginning of the XX century.

Model U-9 recreates the magnificent and imposing appearance of Grand Prix winner models from drive shaft to spare wheel. Under the hood of this new model you will find a V8 engine equipped with a powerful fan and 16 fully functioning valves. To wind it up just use the hand crank in its front. Your new vehicle has a link rod and a transmission switching the modes between idle, reverse, and race ahead, baby! The U-9 has a spring-suspended fork and rubberized wheels ensuring smooth but rapid acceleration and a long driving range.

This Model kit has everything you might need for assembly. With 348 high quality eco-friendly laser cut wood pieces, this advanced build is the perfect gift for builders that are looking for a real challenge. Parts join together  sturdily without glues or chemicals. Assembly takes between 6 - 7 hours to compete. 

Suggested for ages 14 and up.