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Tumble Tree - Blue Orange

Blue Orange Games

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Build your own baobab tree by placing your cards carefully on the trunk. The leopards leap, the bats fly, the snakes slither, and the monkeys swing in this balancing card game. But beware of the stinging bees! This game is played atop its own tin, making it perfect to take anywhere!

Age: 5 – 10 years old

Number of Players: 2- 4 players

Play Time: ~ 10 minutes

Who will like it: Fans of games of balance and fine motor skills like Jenga and Operation.

Why we love it: Tumble Tree is so different than any other game I have played! The youngest player has just as good a chance (if not better) of sweeping the competition because it there is no reading required, just some great throwing skills and a little luck!

How to play: Stack the leaves cards on top of the tree trunk and don’t let them fall! Each card has an animal or plant pictured that tells players how the card must be added to the growing stack on the trunk. Snakes slither, bats drop, and toucans fly into the pile. Don’t hit the bee or you will get penalty points. The player with the least penalties at the end of the game wins!