Mad Libs - Travel Far and Mad Libs


If you just heard someone say..."My yummy experience flying first class began 272 hours before I even got on the plane. A jet ski picked me up and brought me to the airport!" you've obviously been playing Travel Far and Mad Libs!

Mad Libs is the world’s greatest word game and a great gift for anyone who likes to laugh! Write in the missing words on each page to create your own hilariously funny stories all about travel and adventure. No matter where life’s journey takes you, don’t forget to VERB your Mad Libs!

With 21 “fill-in-the-blank” stories about cars, buses, taxis, hot air balloons, and more, Travel Far and Mad Libs is the perfect companion for any trip, long or short. Play alone, in a group, or with friends you meet along the way. 

Suggested for ages 8 and up.