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Speks are our number 1 best-seller for teens and adults! Build like a boss, crush boredom, and melt away stress. Each set comes 512 tiny rare earth magnetic balls that you build up and smash down again and again. Perfectly pocket sized, you can take Speks wherever you go. Great for developing fine motor skills and concentration. It can even help you break bad habits (like nail biting...)

Suggested for ages 14 and up.


(512) 2.5 mm magnetic balls

(1) plastic carrying case

(1) splitter card

(1) metal building base

(1) 16 page how-to guide

WARNING: Keep Away From All Children!
Do not put near or in nose or mouth. Swallowed magnets can pinch and stick together across intestines causing serious injury or death. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or ingested.