Smart Kids 101 Brain Boosting Puzzles


Young puzzlers can put their problem-solving skills to the test with this terrific book of over 101 super-smart puzzles.

This wonderfully illustrated activity book is full of ingenious puzzles and activities, from classic riddles and code cracking games to clever Japanese puzzles. Kids will find plenty to love, whether they wish to tackle the activities solo or challenge their family and friends to see who's got the power to beat the book.


Puzzles include:
- Spot the difference
- Odd one out
- Pattern matching
- Math problems
- Codebreaking

These puzzles will help train logical and deductive problem solving and reasoning skills, spot patterns, fill in gaps and recognize opportunities.

 Wacky full-color cartoons add humor to this title, creating the perfect blend of education and entertainment for kids aged 7+.

ABOUT THE SERIES: Arcturus' mind-bending Brain Games! series puts young reader's math and logic skills to the test with 101 puzzles. Featuring wacky full-color illustrations by Diego Funck, these books are perfect for home learning for kids aged 7+.