Salamander Lab - Dissect It Synthetic Dissection Kit

by Tangle

Dissect-It Salamander Lab

Experience salamander dissection without the use of a real salamander!

This synthetic salamander dissection kit provides users the experience of salamander dissection without the use of a real salamander. The highlight of the kit is the proprietary gelatin material that gives the salamander its form as well as a cool “slimey” feeling. The gelatin is solid yet cuts like butter so it’s completely child safe. This new material sets Dissect-It kits apart from other dissection toys as it gives the user a more realistic dissection experience.

Key Features:

  • Great Value: kit includes 7 pieces
  • Educational: brings fun and learning together
  • Extended Play: comes with refills for multiple dissections
  • Satisfying: the material cuts like butter
  • Environmentally-Safe: great alternative to traditional dissection

About This Item:

  • 👨‍🔬REALISTIC AND SAFE EXPERIENCE – Made out of gelatin-like material that is absolutely safe for children, our Dissect-It Salamander gives the realistic experience of a dissection without the use of a real salamader! Recommended for ages 6 and above.
  • ⭐INCLUDES – Dissect-It Salamander, instructions, a dissection table, and plastic tools needed for dissecting the salamander. In addition, you will receive 2 refill gel kits for more dissecting fun and better understanding each and every time you play and study!
  • 🦎A SALAMANDER’S ANATOMY WITH DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS – The Dissect-It Salamander features a complete skeletal structure and a full set of organs. Learn about everything inside a salamader as you follow the instructions! Our little pamphlet clearly goes over the anatomy of a salamander and the functions of each organ.
  • 😃FANTASTIC ALTERNATIVE WITH NO ODOR – The Dissect-It Salamander is a great alternative to real salamander dissections because it does not release any odors like a real salamander would!
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