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Rosie Small Sitting Bunny with Flowers

Rosie Small Sitting Bunny with Flowers


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Rosie the white plush Bunny adores everything about spring! From the warming temperatures, to the baby birds chirping in the trees, to the return of the flowers and plants, there’s just so much to love about this season! Rosie has captured a little of it for herself by putting together a colorful bouquet and she’s now looking for someone special to share it with her! In her paws, Rosie holds pink and purple blossoms detailed with green ribbons. To make Rosie even more irresistible, she features a coat of luxurious white plush fur with pale pink accents on her nose, ears, and feet. As sweet and gentle as the finest spring day, Rosie the Bunny stuffed animal would make an appealing addition to any Easter basket!  5.5 inches tall

24 months +