Origami City Set - Workman

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Welcome to Origami City, an all-in-one kit for a complete paper city!

Do you want an ice-cream shop right next to school? Or a limo waiting outside your driveway, ready to take you anywhere? Go for it!
Created by certified origami genius, Taro Yaguchi––who has not only mastered the ancient Japanese art of paper folding, but now introduces his own innovation called Fold-by-Number––Origami City will have you building every part of a paper-folded city: an eleven-story apartment building, a town airport complete with a plane, cars, a train, an ice cream truck, trees, cats, dogs, a rabbit, and even little chipmunks that play in the park. And you’re in charge. It’s like being an architect, an engineer, a builder, an urban planner, and a mayor all in one.

The Technique - Fold by Number is a patented method that allows you to fold complex models much more easily than in traditional origami. 

Recommended for ages 9+