Octopus Teether Toy

Octopus Teether Toy- For babies aged around 6 months, to relieve the discomfort from gum and teething. It is a teether with different hardness parts to massage babies' gum. Octopus has multiple textures on the leg that greatly massage the gum for teething babies. It has eight long legs which can be rolled up like a ball toy that makes happy to every baby.
*✔️ DESIGNED WITH SAFETY IN MIND: Non-choking design and 1 piece injection leave it impossible for choking hazards. It is also small enough for your baby to explore safely in the front, middle, and back of the mouth. Also, the round part makes sure the baby can not put it too far to cause gagging especially for those 3 months babies whose gag reflection still exists.

*✔️A GUM MASSAGER & A TOOTHBRUSH: Multiple textured surfaces help with teething pain relief and the eruption of teeth. Also, the soft bristles help with tongue and gum clean, can be used as a soft teething toothbrush without worrying that baby may bite off the bristles, our bristles are too short to be bitten off. Bring teething and brushing together in 1 product.

*✔️EASY TO HOLD: Hollow elephant body makes it very easy for little hands to hold and directly head to mouth, especially for little babies around 3 months who have just started to control their little hands.