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NightBall Volleyball


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Spike the light far into the night!

Hidden inside this high-quality volleyball are powerfully bright, motion-activated pulse LEDs.

Which means - Serve up the ball and, the moment it's launched into the air, the whole thing lights up like a giant lightbulb!

Meanwhile, made of latex-free TPU that's lightweight and durable, this ball isn't just a novelty - It's quality too!

Turn the end of the day into the start of your game with the NightBall Pearl White Volleyball.
  • Volleyball that lights up bright whenever it's hit
  • Encourages gross motor skills, coordination, active play, exercise, cooperative play
  • Powerfully bright, motion-activated LEDs built into the ball
  • Latex-free TPU material is lightweight yet incredibly durable
  • Standard regulation size
  • Includes one light-up volleyball
  • Batteries are non-replaceable yet exceptionally long-lasting
  • High-quality construction - Exceptional volleyball experience