Monopoly - The 80's Edition

Type: Board Games
The Play:  Roll the dice, and move your favorite game piece.  Buy property, or pay rent.  Pass Go and collect $200.00 or head over to Community Chest, as you wheel and deal your way to the top.

The object:  Create a Monopoly by buying, renting, and trading the world's most famous properties.  Take a ride on the Reading Railroad, build a house on Baltic Avenue or buy up the whole neighborhood. Fond memories will spring to life, with family and friends, when you play Monopoly The 1980's Edition. Advance To Go and enjoy!

Includes: Bi-fold Game board, Silver-toned tokens: car, dog, hat, boat, horse, shoe, thimble, wheelbarrow, cannon, Dice, Plastic houses and hotels, Plastic money tray, Community Chest and Chance cards, Title deeds, Pad of Monopoly money, Instructions.


2-8 Players