Mia Gray Unicorn

by Douglas

Are you looking for a magical sidekick to spruce up your adventures? Mia the Plush Gray Unicorn by Douglas is exactly what you need to get the magic flowing! This sweet plush unicorn is ready for anything, in real life or the fantasy world. Mia would love to accompany you to host a tea party for some other stuffed friends, or to befriend a dragon in a nearby kingdom! No matter what kind of adventures you need a partner for, Mia the Plush Gray Unicorn by Douglas is up for the job. This plush unicorn has soft gray fabric with a long and flowy mane. Mia the Plush Gray Unicorn by Douglas has velvety hooves and a horn made of a special shimmery material so it has an iridescent gleam to it, so Mia can impress everyone she meets with her shimmery, velvety accents! No adventure is complete without a unicorn friend by your side, so become friends with Mia and we know you won’t regret it.

Ages 2+