Massive Erupting Volcano

Simulate the epic, earth-shattering power of a volcano in your own home! Build a huge volcano model with a sturdy frame that effortlessly slides together. Wrap the frame in hardening plaster-coated fabric strips and then paint it to look like the real thing. Then, bring your volcano to life with cutouts of dinosaurs and prehistoric trees — this isn’t just any old volcano; this is a model of an extremely ancient and immensely large volcano from the days dinosaurs roamed the planet! 

+ Build a giant volcano model from cardboard and plaster; choose from two types of volcanoes.

+ Decorate with paint, fake boulders, and cardboard cutouts of dinosaurs and prehistoric plants.

+ Use safe chemical reactions to trigger volcanic eruptions and watch the lava bubble and flow.

+ Learn all about real-life volcanoes and what causes them.

+ Includes a full-color volcano poster and instruction sheet.