Marble Run Chain Hoist


Marble runs are captivating and fun, which is proven by millions youtube views and numerous types of these runs available! There is something mesmerizing about these tiny color balls racing each other among the intricate labyrinths, striving to reach that finish line before the others. The suspense is breathtaking and utterly exhilarating. If you happen to guess the winner, there is joy and celebration. Place your bets on the loser and a much more somber mood may prevail. However, everything begins anew with the next run, that new round of entertaining and thrilling action.

Now imagine not just witenssing the runs, but constructing them with your own hands! Ugears is happy to give you that opportunity, by presenting the ‘Marble Run Chain Hoist’, your very own race maze, the arena where raw emotions and unabated rivalry rule the day! The Marble Run Chain Hoist is a thrilling mixture of engineering and art. It is also an educaitonal tool, which DIY enthusiasts can learn a lot from!

Ages 14+