Lottie Cool 4 School Doll


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Lottie is an age-appropriate doll that’s great for beating back to school blues or celebrating your little ones favorite subject, be it STEAM, Sports or getting out to the playground with all their friends!

“Lottie can't decide what the best thing about going back to school is; seeing her friends, learning new topics, or meeting her new teacher!”

Based on the average proportions of a 9 year old girl (as opposed to an adult). Lottie Dolls are an age relatable doll that reflect the world kids live in.

Recommended for ages 3+


  • Super Cool Backpack Print - a great way to ease any back to school anxiety
  • Tactile fabric and hair - for inquisitive, imaginative play
  • Lottie stands on her own two feet! An Age-relatable doll #justlikeme