Deep down on the ocean floor lies creatures galore! But none compare to the greatest beast yet: The Leviathan Sea Dragon.  A predator and defender of the sea, The Leviathan can be both friend or foe. So, if you are fortunate enough to spot one, approach gently and with great caution for this magnificent creature surely wants to be your friend. But he’s just not quite sure yet.  

Welcome to Explorers, Inc. 

Exploring The Light 

The Explorers, Inc. story centers around a brilliant young inventor and a team of young adventurers, who’ve been sent beneath the sea on a mission of discovery. Backed by a wealthy and famous explorer, Thaddeus Smith, the team is looking to unlock the secrets of a mysterious artifact and its connection to wonderous creatures of the depths. It’s a race against time, as Thaddeus’ equally wealthy and jealous brother has sent his own team on the very same quest. Who will recover the artifact and build The Gateway first?  

Ages 8+