Land Of Dough Play Dough Mermaid Lagoon

Type: Art Supplies

Inspired by the mythical world of water nymphs and sea sirens, the Mermaid Lagoon Natural Play Dough is serene, sparkly and ready for play.

These play doughs are handcrafted in the USA from all-natural ingredients and colors, including compostable glitter and calming essential oils, all wrapped up in eco-friendly packaging.

Children will delight in this modern, magical dough. Once played with and mixed, this dough turns a solid purple color.

Dough comes with a natural, sustainably-sourced wooden shovel made from birch.

Air dries for sculpting.

  • SIZE : 7 oz tub
  • MATERIALS : Natural non-toxic ingredients, compostable glitter and essential oils
  • CARE :  Keep sealed in product packaging and place in a cool dry place
  • WARNING : Contains wheat and almond oil; NOT gluten-free
  • SAFETY : Non-toxic and certified to be free of petrochemicals, lead, heavy metals and synthetic fragrances