Lacing Toy Set

Little secrets live in a small city. Look, you can tie any letter on this house, which means that the ABC lives there. Here is a knot. Small magic fish knows many sea secrets and lives in that building
And this is the house of the most talented firefly in the world. He knits beautiful patterns and knows all secrets of light.
Lacing toy set for the development of FINE MOTOR SKILLS
Set for a small architect, for creating own childhood city
Game on the road and the basis for creativity
  • Development of: fine motor skills, imagination, acting skills, creativity
  • Details: 6 houses, 1 base, linen bag, linen laces, sun, moon, 2 stars, 2 clouds
  • Material: ashwood, cotton laces
  • Coating : non-toxic water based paint
  • Package: craft box, paper case
  • Age: 2+