Can you help the rabbits hop to they safety of their homes? They have to jump over the sliding foxes and toadstools! With 60 challenges of growing difficulty, JumpIN' is so fun, you'll forget you're learning!

  • A compact game that is played inside a portable carrying case with a lid, JumpIN is great for travel.
  • Build concentration skills, problem-solving abilities, spatial insight, logic, and planning. Filled with brain teasers to challenge kids and adults alike.
  • With 60 challenges, you’re sure to find a puzzle that tests you and pushes you to think outside the box. While it’s a single-player game, it’s exciting to solve challenges with others.
  • Set Includes: 1 compact game board with transparent lid, 3 Rabbits, 2 sliding foxes, mushrooms, and a booklet with 60 challenges and solutions. 

Suggested for ages 7 years and older