Sesame Street's Julia Glo Pal



Meet Julia, the newest Sesame Street muppet! Julia is Sesame Street's first autistic muppet  and she is ready to bring sunny days in a whole new way! Glo Pals has teamed up with Julia to brighten up your bath time.  Simply insert a light up cube, place in liquid and watch Julia to automatically light up with her bright orange light.

Glo Pals are liquid-activated light up cubes that engage childrens' sense and elevates water play.  Each pal has a different fun face and when placed in liquid, the cube will create a colorful glow and project the faces onto the surrounding containers for even more fun! Glo Pals help kids get excited for bath time and adds a sense of wonder to sensory bins. Play with the lighted cubes by themselves or insert them into the flexible and fun Glo Pal Character to bring it to life.

INCLUDES: 1 Glo Pals Character; 2 Glo Pals Light-Up Cubes

Suggested for 3 years and older.

Proper care for your Glo Pals will help maximize the fun and life of your toy. After each use, remove Glo Pals Light-Up Cubes from water and blow through the small slots on the side of each cube. Store in a dry place to enjoy a longer battery life.

Dimensions: 5.5" l x 2" w x 7" h