Hello My Name Is Party Game


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Meet this hilarious new party game that's full of personality! Can you name an actor who's short, blond, and musical? How about an athlete that’s bearded and married? Play trait cards and then race to name someone - real or fictional - who fits the description. Use your creativity to win the most cards and hello... your name is champion!


Age: 12 to adult

Number of players: 3 or more

Play Time: ~ 20 -30  minutes

Who will like it: Fans of games like Apples to Apples that require your creativity or any history or movie buffs!

Why we love it: You don’t need a table to play. You can play this game just as easily cooking in the kitchen or driving in the car as you can sitting in your living room. I have even played it over zoom with my friends! It is so much fun to play intergenerationally (we know such different celebrities!) and in teams.

How to play: Each player starts with three cards and picks on to discard to the middle. The active player takes the discarded cards and sorts them by color. Search your mind for a personal (real or fictional!) who fits the traits of one of the stacks. The first person to win 14 traits cards wins! Will you go for an easy pile with only one or two traits or go for a big pile and big win? Will you  name a celebrity or someone sitting at the table right now? The choice is yours but act fast, you only have thirty seconds before someone else can steal!