Hazel Bunny

by Douglas
Type: Plush
While wild rabbits have a lifespan of around 2 years, Hazel the Stuffed Bunny Rabbit by Douglas will last a lifetime, especially if you look after her and give her lots of love and cuddles. At around 10 inches, this plush bunny rabbit will arrive sitting upright, with her big fluffy ears sticking straight up on top of her head; that’s because she is always on the lookout for her perfect furever home, and with you she will finally have found it. Dressed from head to foot in the softest pale beige faux fur, Hazel the Stuffed Bunny Rabbit by Douglas is definitely dressed to impress with a pretty satin bow tied neatly around her neck. Always up for some fun and games, this stuffed bunny rabbit loves to play hopscotch – although you will have to help her with that – and her favorite after-play snack is a nibble or two of millionhare’s shortbread; you won’t even have to worry about her light-colored fur getting chocolatey, because she is surface washable, too. While Hazel the Stuffed Bunny Rabbit by Douglas is sitting in an upright position, don’t panic if you see her lying on her side, because when rabbits flop it means they feel truly safe and happy, and the best thing you can do when you see this bunny rabbit stuffed animal chilling on her side, is to join her and have a little snooze.