Eco-Bricks 3 in 1 Wooden Block Ocean Set


Build ocean animals while protecting the ocean with biodegradable, wooden construction blocks! Explore the depths of the ocean sea with Eco-bricks™ 3 in 1 builds - ocean themed set! These construction blocks are made out of 100% wood and are biodegradable so they will not be hurting the ocean!

The Eco-bricks™ 3 in 1 Builds set comes with a guide book with step-by-step instructions for the suggested build ideas! There is also the added ability to customize your creation with color on the natural wooden blocks with crayons, colored pencils or erasable markers!  

Build a:



- Shark

Eco-bricks are also compatible with plastic construction blocks so they are a great, eco-friendly addition to the playroom!

Ages: 4+ Years