Dig ItI Dinos Dinosaur Egg Excavation

Perfect for collectors and animal & nature lovers! This Thames & Kosmos assorted plaster dino egg contains one of 12 different kinds of plastic dinosaur models. Each egg could contain a T. Rex, Spinosaurus, Triceratops, Styracosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Hypacrosaurus, Saurolophus, Parasaurolophus, Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus, Pteranodon, or Plesiosaurus—chisel away to find out which one! A small chisel tool for digging the dinosaur out of the egg and an instruction manual are included.
  • Mini Excavation Kit: This plaster Dino egg contains a plastic dinosaur model inside—chisel away to unearth yours!
  • Surprise: The egg is blind-packed and contains one of 12 different dinosaur models.
  • Excavation Guide: The 8-panel guide instructs your excavation adventures and teaches you about the unique characteristics of your dinosaur and the outdoors. 
  • Perfect size and price for use as a party favor, stocking stuffer, or Easter basket goodie! 
  • Includes one dinosaur egg with plastic Dino model, a small plastic chisel, and an excavation guide
  • Unisex, perfect for children ages 5+