Coding For Beginners Using Scratch

A complete and absolute beginner's guide to the Scratch computer language!

Scratch is a free, online program that was developed at MIT and is designed to give kids an easy introduction to coding with command blocks that can be dragged, dropped, and stacked into place.

All you need is a computer with an internet connection (and a keyboard) and this easy-to-follow, playfully written and illustrated book!

Start simple with the basics of what coding is and how it works. Learn all about how Scratch works and how you can use it to make just about any kind of 2D animation or game you can imagine.

Then - Start coding!

You'll learn how to animate a story complete with dialogue, costume changes, and scene changes. You'll learn how to build a number-guessing game, a pattern maker, a race-car game, a space adventure, and more.

It's a whole universe of possibilities just waiting to be discovered by YOU!

Get started on Scratch without starting from scratch with the Coding for Beginners Using Scratch book.

Coding For Beginners Using Scratch
  • Just-for-kids book for learning how to program with Scratch
  • Encourages an interest in computers and technology, logic, problem solving, creativity
  • Get started on Scratch without starting from scratch!
  • Step-by-step, illustrated instructions make it easy to get started, make games, animations, and more
  • Features complete Scratch menu guides and glossary - Easily find your place
  • Discover extra help and downloads online
  • Written by Rosie Dickins, Jonathan Melmoth, Louie Stowell
  • Published by Usborne
  • Requires a computer with a keyboard so kids can play along - Not included
  • High quality hardcover binding
  • Ages 9+