Chasing the Moon Hardcover


Local Author Jasmine Pickett

The adventures of Jaz and Lulu: Chasing the Moon is the first of a children's book series that highlights the creativity and "dream big" characteristics of a young African-American girl, Jaz, and her unicycle, Lulu!

The story "Chasing the Moon" is inspired by real events from the author's childhood. As young children, Jasmine (author) and her brothers Rustin and Marcus, would chase the moon on a regular basis with their grandmother, Charlotte. Their grandmother would put them in their pajamas, load them up in the car, and they would chase the moon until they fell asleep, while listening to James Taylor. The idea that Jasmine and her siblings could chase the moon and  catch it was so exciting for them. It made them use their imaginations and think outside the box in a big way. 

Chasing the moon with her grandmother and brothers was such a monumental experience for Jasmine and planted a seed of going after those things that seemed impossible or out of reach. This book aims to do just that for its readers; to plant a seed of reaching for the impossible and to give space for creative minds to thrive and think outside the box!

"The Adventures of Jaz and Lulu: Chasing the Moon" is written through poetry and rhyme making it a fun experience for all who read it. You will feel like you are a part of the adventure through the creative illustrations of Ismail Abdullah. You will also have the opportunity to join in with a musical experience at the end of the book with an original song written by Jasmine.