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Bandido is an easy and funny cooperative game. Playing Bandido, your common aim with the other players is to prevent the prisoner from escaping. An easy game with easy rules, but not so easy to win! 

Who will like it: Fans of tile games that require strategy and luck to win like Dominos!

Why we love it: There are not enough games in the world that are just as much fun to play alone as they are to play together; Bandido nails it! When played with friends, Bandido is cooperative (which is always a plus to me!). It’s easy to play but HARD to win and the luck of the draw means your strategy will have to change every games!

How to play: Give yourself (and your team if you are playing with family and friends) plenty of room because we are playing in tunnels! At the center of the table place the bandit. He is trying to tunnel his way out of prison, and it is your mission (should you choose to accept it) to stop him! Each player is has three tunnel cards in their hands at all times. On your turn select a card and line the tunnels up to the bandits existing tunnels. Try to close off all the tunnels before you are out of cards or the bandit will escape! You can discuss strategy with your team but only you know what’s in your hand. Can you keep Bandido trapped?

Age: 6 to adult

Number of Players: 1 – 4

Play time: ~ 20 minutes