Avocado Smash

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Whiz Kids Best Seller

Age: 6 to adult

Number of Players: 2 or more (although I think it’s most fun for 3 and more players)

Play time: ~10 minutes

Who will like it: Fans of fast playing games like Spot It and Speed.

Why we love it: Avocado Smash is so fast to learn that you will be playing before you can say ‘guacamole’! Its cute life-sized avocado packaging fits easily into purses and bags so you can play a quick round whenever you need to waste a few minutes. I also love that all the players are always playing. No waiting bored while other players choose a move, so stay alert!

How to play: Winning sounds easy, just be the first one to get rid of your cards! But watch out, it’s harder than it looks. Quickly take turns flipping cards into the center and counting to 15. If the number you say matches the number on the card, SMASH the pile! The last player to smash is stuck with the avocados. Keep your reflexes sharp and be careful of guacamole and you might just win!