Arcade Claw Game Kit

by Klutz
Explore the physics of pulleys with an arcade claw game made by YOU!
Following the illustrated, playfully written instructions, kids get to transform colorful chipboard building pieces into a realistic arcade claw machine complete with pulleys and working levers.

Fill the claw machine with the three prize capsules and then test your dexterity as you try to retrieve them. - Or, sneak something special for a friend into a capsule and see if they have the skills to get it out!

With the Klutz Maker Lab Arcade Claw Game, a lesson in real physics and engineering becomes a playtime adventure.

Klutz Maker Lab Arcade Claw Game
  • Instructions and supplies for making a working claw game
  • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, an interest in science and engineering
  • Real engineering becomes a playtime adventure!
  • Build a working claw game - Or explore further with a magnetic mover and a drawing tool

    Suggested for ages 8 and up.