Animal Puzzle Memo Game

by Djeco

A fun memory matching game with a twist!

Players take turns flipping over the cards on the table to find a matching pair of animals - except this time, the cards aren't quite identical but rather, one part of a two-piece puzzle... which means that on top of memory, a considerable deal of observation, information processing, and attention is needed!

Great for developing:
• Visual observation
• Information processing
• Logical reasoning
• Patience & focus
• Social integration
• Family/group bonding
• Self-confidence

☆Play Tip: Game play getting too easy? Spice things up a notch by rearranging the cards every once in a while! Better yet, have the cards randomly strewn around the table (but not overlapping each other) instead of organizing them in a structured fashion, as this requires greater memory strength for recall!

2-4 players | Set includes: 30 puzzle pieces