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Fantasy Fort Teepee


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Say hello to your new happy place! Build your own private play space and decorate it to really make it your own! The Fantasy Fort Teepee encourages  kid's active play, building skills, imagination, and creativity. I would have LOVED to have this as a child; I would have made it my very own reading nook. The Fantasy Fort Teepee will fit perfectly into any room; the center poles are adjustable to accommodate all ceiling heights. Building and decorating together is the perfect parent and child bonding activity. Decorate with crayons, markers, paints, scarves, stickers, and whatever else you want! Disassemble and store flat when you are done playing, it will be ready for you whenever you want to build it again!

(Pro Tip: String lights inside for indoor camping fun)

In store pick-up only!

Suggested for ages 4 and up

Includes: four angled base bars (24½ H), eight main base bars (24"H), 12 inner connector tubes (16"H), four top panels (20"H x 14"L), four middle panels (28"H x 20"L), six large bottom panels (21"L x 20"H - three left, three right), two door panels (one left, one right), 23 carton clips, three rolls of Velcro hook & loop tape to connect panels.