Brain Quest

Brain Quest is America's #1 selling educational line! Each workbook contains over 300 pages following a wide curriculum of language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science. I love how Brain Quest offers so many different activities and games to teach and reinforce each concept they cover. Each activity typically requires a bit more reading and writing than most other workbooks I've seen. Unlike the School Zone's stand alone activities, the Brain Quest workbooks are written to keep kids wanting to work through to the next page. It is mission oriented, with stickers and certificates to earn along the way. The activities are straight forward so kids will feel confident working through the book on their own, but they also all have answer sheets in the back so parents can easily check their work. I love all the 'extras' that come with Brain Quest work books. If you want a comprehensive workbook that will help you pin point how your student is doing in many different learning disciplines, pick Brain Quest!
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