Wonder Stix 24 Ct

Type: Art Supplies

STAFF FAVORITE! Wonder Stix are the perfect craft supplies to bring on the go. These bright pastel dust free chalks write on just about everything, permanent on paper but easily clean off white boards, chalkboards, windows and even your tables and walls. (Trust us, we've tried.) They show up brightly on white and black paper. They roll up, so little hands won't snap them by accident. There are no caps to lose. They are totally odorless and washable. I love letting the kids decorate the windows, or even their own cups, with some temporary art. Give yourself peace of mind and let your children's' imagination run wild with Wonder Stix. 

(Pro tip: Label your Tupperware with Wonder Stix and you won't be left with mystery containers in the fridge! They wipe off easily with a wet paper towel.)

Suggested for ages 3 and up.