Do A Dot Secret Messages

Do A Dot Secret Messages

Do A Dot Secret Messages

Do A Dot Rainbow 6 Pack

Do A Dot markers are one of my all time favorite art supplies! They have been a bestseller at Whiz Kids for 25 years and between craft classes, preschool story times, and using them in my own home, I have done more Do A Dot projects than I can possible count. 

Let me share some of the reasons I love Do A Dots so much:

1) Made in the USA

Need I say more? Do A Dot Markers meet the highest health and safety standard and are assembled with love and care in family-owned American factories. The paint inside Do A Dot Markers are non-toxic washable paint. They are good for the economy and good for our little ones!

2) Mess- Free

With just a little prep work, crafting with Do A Dots is virtually mess- free. Each marker has a screw off top, a sponge tip applicator and a pressure-sensitive release valve. To release the paint, you have to push the marker tip down so no more worrying about spilled paint cups. Just spread some newspaper down to catch wayward dots before you begin and clean up will be a breeze!

3)Totally Versatile

Stamp, paint, stencil, trace, and more! Do A Dot markers let kids create so many different types of art. The large sponge tip allows kids to mix, blend, layer, and   completely fill their page with color! While they are best known for making art accessible to preschooler and younger, even older artists will love the freedom that Do A Dots offer. 

I could go on an on but I can't wait to show you my new favorite way to use my Do A Dot Markers.

Do A Dot Secret Messages!

Do A Dot Markers are filled watercolor paint. I love doing resist artwork with watercolors (I have so much fun painting Aquarellum!) so I wondered if I could create a similar effect with my trusty Do A Dot paints! (Spoiler: YOU CAN!)

First. let's gather supplies. You will need white paper - I suggest watercolor paper or thick cardstock so the paper won't rip. Grab a white crayon or oil pastel (really anything waxy will work). Today I am using my Wonder Stix crayons because I love that they are dust free! And, of course, you will need some Do A Dot Paint Markers! Let's get started:

Draw your *SUPER SECRET* design with your white crayon. You want to be sure to make heavier lines so they will show through the paint so don't be afraid to push those crayons down a bit! Remember, once you start drawing it will be difficult to see what is already on the paper. This technique works best with BIG and bold designs.

Drawing with White wonder stix

Now all you have to do it paint over your paper! Fill the whole page and don't be afraid to layer colors for a beautiful rainbow effect. You can stamp or paint the Do A Dot markers on the page. I prefer painting because it causes the paint to be a little thinner and allows the white to pop through! 

Resist Painting with Do A Dot Markers

TA DAH! Your creation is complete! Try it again with a new design. Make a poster or a card with your personal art. The options are limitless! 

Finished Do A Dart Secret Art

 VARIATION: Do you want to practice your letters or write a super secret message to a friend? Try writing your message with your white crayon and it will only appear when you add the paint! Make it easier by tracing the bottom of your Do A Dot Markers to create circles to write in first! 

Do A Dot secret Message