Confetti Crayon Nature Rubbing Art

Confetti Crayon Nature Rubbing Art

Confetti Crayon Nature Rubbing Art

Crayons are a staple in every young artists collection, and for good reason! Crayons let little hands color their world express their creativity. Are you ready to add more color and texture to your crayon art? 

Today, I am making bright colored nature-inspired wax rubbings! Wax rubbing is one the oldest art techniques and is a simple and fun project for kids of all ages. This is one of my favorite methods to teach kids because it allows kids to go wild with their drawing and it is so easy to create beautiful pictures every time. Kids love watching the patterns and textures appear! You only need 3 things for this project: paper (thin paper will work best), leaves, and, of course, CRAYONS!

I am really excited to try out my Confetti Crayons from Kid Made Modern for the first time on this project. Each crayon is made up of many different shades to give your coloring more dimensions and texture. When I first saw them, I knew they would be perfect for rubbing!

STEP 1: Gather leaves


Take a walk and find some fun shapes and textures to preserve! You can use fresh leaves or dried ones that have fallen from the trees. Make sure they aren't so dry that they will crumble!

STEP 2: Position leaf and paper

Leaf rubbing 

If you are like me, your coloring can et enthusiastic. Put down some paper over your drawing area to prevent stray crayon markings. Place the leaf on your drawing area with the most textured side facing up. Cover the leaf with your paper.




STEP 3: Rub Your Crayon

Wax rubbing confetti crayons Rub the side of your crayon over the leaf. You want to put medium pressure on it so the color is bright and bold but you can still see the intricacy of the pattern. Cover the leaf fully. Try it with multiple leaves or layer them to create even more stunning pictures.
We had so much fun with this activity, that we didn't want to stop! It was so relaxing rubbing the crayons across the page over and over and watching the textures reveal themselves on the paper. There are so many possibilities to create. Give it a try!
Demo Leaf Rubbing
BONUS: Create a game out of your crayon rubbings! Rub over leaves, bricks, baskets or anything else and then host a texture treasure hunt. Can you match the texture on the page with the item that left it?