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Top 5 Craft Kits for Homemade Valentines

Giving Valentine's to friends and family is a fun tradition that lets us show our loved ones they are in our hearts and our minds.
Best Craft Kits for Kids to make Homemade Valentines

While you can buy adorable Valentine gifts  for your kids to give to others, nothing says 'I love you!' like a gift they made themselves. Making valentines is so much fun, you may even want to join in the fun!.


  Craft kits are a great way to give kids inspiration (and materials) to create beautiful gifts this February. Whether you are looking for an activity that will make many Valentine's or you want a kit that will make a special gift for a parent or grandparent, we have your back. Read on for our favorite craft kits that help every kid make amazing Valentine's and have a great time doing it!

1. Peg Loom For Beginners by Harrisville Designs

Peg Loom Craft Kits for Little Artists
Suggested for ages 6 and up
Who loved making pot holders as a child? I know I did! The makers of the best-selling classic craft have a new craft kit, the wooden peg loom! Take your weaving skills to new heights and create beautiful art for friends and loved ones! This kit comes with enough yarn for one beautiful tapestry but if you buy a bit more yarn, your young artist can make many more art gifts!

2. Dots DIY Picture Frames by LEGO  

Suggested for ages 6 and upLego Dots DIY Kits for Kids


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Nothing makes a better Valentine than a happy memory you shared. These DIY picture frame are adorable and so easy to make! In fact, you can decorate and redecorate your frames over and over again! This set comes with enough materials to design 3 different picture frames!  Check out the rest of the LEGO Dots line for more DIY Valentines Craft Kits. 

3. PYO Stepping Stone by Mindware

Suggested for ages 8 and uppaint your own stepping stone craft kit 


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I'll admit, this one is the Valentine I would want! A stepping stone makes a wonderful present for anyone who loves their backyard or garden. A stepping stone decorated and personalized by your valentine? That is a priceless gift. This kit contains a 10" x 9" cement stone and 12 different paints to decorate it! There are two stepping stone styles to choose from; this terrific turtle or the stunning sun.


4. Galaxy Bead Super Set by Fashion Angels

Suggested for ages 8 and up.

$29.99Galaxy Bead Bracelet Making Craft Kit

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If you have many friends that you want to gift with homemade valentine's presents, this is the kit for you! The Galaxy Bead Super Set has materials for making more than 50 bracelets! Forget buying BFF bracelets, with alphabet beads and beautiful charms, you can create personalized gifts for each of your friends. I particularly love this kit because it comes with a hard plastic case to store your unused beads when you are done crafting! If you love jewelry making, be sure to also check out this DIY Charm Bracelet kit as well!

5. MYO Mini Surprise Balls by Ann Williams

Suggested for ages 7 and upMini Surprise Balls Craft Kits for Kids


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If you are looking for a Valentine project that is just as fun to make as it is to give, you should check out the Make Your Own Mini Surprise Balls Craft kit. This kit come with materials to make your own charm bracelets or confetti surprises. Fill the capsules with these or any other handmade surprise. Then wrap and decorate with adorable crepe and sticker wrappings! I love this craft kit because the presentation is SO GOOD! This set makes 7 different surprise balls to delight friends and family. 

When we help our kids make their own Valentines, they get to take ownership and pride in their gifts! Check out our craft kits for more homemade Valentines inspirations or give us a call at 805.547.1733 and the toy professionals at Whiz Kids will help you find the perfect Valentine's gifts for you!

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