Sticker Bomb Emoji Card

Sticker Bomb Emoji Card

Sticker Bomb Emoji Card

What is a sticker bomb? 

Pipsticks Sticker bomb

Sticker bombs are awesome! They are collages of 10's, 100's, or even 1000's of stickers layered on top of each other to make amazing art pieces that express our personality and individuality. These collages can be found on skateboards, laptops, mirrors, and even walls.

I have always wanted to sticker bomb something! With my Pipsticks sticker collection growing larger every week, I thought it was time to finally give sticker bombing a chance. This year I am on a mission to spread smiles in my community, so today I made a sticker bombed card to give to a friend. I think it would make a great Valentine's Day craft too! It took me about a half hour to complete my card but I could have taken WAY more time with it. It was so much fun a meditative too!

sticker bomb emoji card

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First, make your card form! You can fold a piece of paper into card shape but I really wanted to make an emoji card so I created this circular card printable!



Sticker bomb supplies

If you are using my card printable, I would highly recommend using card stock. I used normal printer paper the first time and it will work but the heaviness of the layered stickers made the final project very fragile. When I used card stock, I was much happier with my final product. 

sticker bomb in process

Now pull out your sticker collection and the fun can really begin! Pick any stickers you want, the options are limitless. I've seen really impressive sticker bombers that can use the colors on their stickers to make new images! This was my first attempt at a sticker bomb, I decided to use all pink stickers. I LOVE the way it turned out! 

Sticker bombs look great when you use stickers of all shapes and sizes. Start with your larger stickers first and then layer your smaller stickers on top, filling any empty space. 

**PRO TIP** If you can, don't stick the corners down when you place your stickers. You may want to change which sticker is in front and which is in back!

decorating card

Don't be afraid to go over the edges of your card while you are stickering. Once you've covered all the white space, open your card and cut around the outside of the paper to recreate the shape. 

To make this adorable card an emoji card, go back to your printable and pick our your favorite facial expressions. Cut around them and glue or tape them onto the front of the card. (You can also use permanent marker to decorate your card but remember the stickers are made of shiny plastic material so be sure you let your ink dry completely before you touch your card again). 

Once you're happy with the outside of your card, open it up and write a nice message I even added more stickers! Now your card is ready for gifting! A card this spectacular is sure to make whoever receives is smile. Who are you going to give an awesome sticker bombed card?

inside card


finished product

Did you make an awesome card you want to share? Send us pictures at I would love to see your creations!


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