Sprinkle Your Neighbors with Kindness

Sprinkle Your Neighbors with Kindness

Sprinkle Your Neighbors with Kindness

You've Been Sprinkled CardHave you ever hear of "Boo-ing" or "Jingle-ing" your neighbors? The premise is the same; celebrate a holiday and let your neighbors know you care by giving them a little surprise and leaving it at their door. This year, we need extra cheer, even when it is NOT a holiday! 2020 has been hard on so many of us. People are stressed out, lonely, and overwhelmed. This is where "sprinkling" comes into play. Sprinkling a little joy, happiness, caring, and support into your neighbors mailbox doesn't need to happen only twice a year! In fact, a random weekday may even mean more to our stressed friends and neighbors.Sprinkle Mail
I think this is a FABULOUS idea! Few things are as exciting as getting something happy and unexpected in the mail (especially if it's wrapped up in purple 💜). These doorstep surprises are a great way to stay socially connected even as you physically distance. Communities with strong traditions like these report feeling much closer than others. Right now, we could all use strong community support and love.
Not only are these presents fun to receive, they are fun to give too!  Anyone who has been to Whiz Kids knows that we LOVE giving away presents (enter our LEGO Contest this month, and everyone wins a prize!). It actually releases endorphins in our brains when we give gifts; knowing that we were responsible for someone's smile, no matter how momentary. Being generous is human and it feels good! 
Sprinkle presentWhen I first read about this trend happening, I knew I had to jump on the bandwagon. It has been so difficult for me to know how best to support your friends, families, and communities. But a little random act of kindness ALWAYS HELPS! It started with just a new sticker and a pen for a friend. She called me practically crying of excitement. She said it had been such a hard week and just knowing someone was caring for her made all the difference. Now I sprinkle my friends and family whenever I can. 

What exactly is a Sprinkle? How do I start?

Sprinkling your friends and neighbors is an easy tradition to start! And once it starts, it keeps going! Bringing cheer to your neighbors is a great activity for the whole family to get involved in. Grab your kids and lets get started!
1. Make a list of a few people who you want send a little joy
2. Let your children pick out little trinkets for their friends, handmake gifts, or even make little cards. 
3. Gift wrap your presents! (this is optional but I think it is an easy way to make the a little present seem EXTRA fun! I also like to add a little note to let them know they've been sprinkled! Download yours here.)
4. Be a kindness ninja and leave the sprinkle on their doorstep or in a mailbox! Don't let them see you or it will ruin the surprise!
Looking for some ideas on Sprinkle gifts? We've got your back!

Stop by Whiz Kids Toys for even more SPRINKLE Ideas!


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