Spring Silhouettes Chalk Activity

Spring Silhouettes Chalk Activity

Spring Silhouettes Chalk Activity

Springtime always reminds of me of time spent outside among the flowers, sitting on the sidewalk, and drawing with my fat chalk pieces.

Silhouette Chalk Art

I LOVE chalk. Chalk is vibrant, easy to use, and even easier to clean up! I have used chalk on sidewalks and chalkboards, but recently, I discovered the joy of using chalk on paper! I especially love chalk on black paper. The colors are so bright they almost look like they are glowing. 

This project is easy enough for toddlers but fun for all ages! It is perfect for young artists because it simple and always comes out GREAT! It even makes a great project to talk about positive and negative space. Use this technique to create beautiful spring flowers to decorate your space or make cards to spread smiles to your friends and family!


Supplies for Craft Project

  • Free silhouettes printable (download here)
  • White printer paper 
  • Black paper (optional, white works too but is less vibrant)
  • Chalk
  • Scissors
  • Q-tips (optional, I used my fingers for blending!)


Cut out Free Printable

1. Print out your silhouette template and cut it out. Printing on a heavy paper or cardstock makes it a bit easier for young artists to use but regular printer paper works too!

2. Grab your black paper and your favorite chalk and get ready to craft! I used dust-free chalk but any chalk will work. You may want to put paper down on your craft table before you start drawing to avoid chalk dust mess.

Hold the flower/butterfly template down on the black paper.

3. Starting with the chalk on the template, color around the template. The thicker and heavier the chalk the easier it will be to smudge later!

Draw on chalk

4. Once you have finished coloring, it's time to smudge! You can use a Q-tip as a blending tool but I prefer using my fingers. I think its easier for the kids and the result comes out better. Remember, for this project the messier the better. Keep the template firmly on top of the black paper while you smudge so the color doesn't get underneath. Remind your artists to smudge in the same direction, outward from the template. 

Smudge Chalk

*Pro-tip: If you are using your fingers, keep a moist towel next to you for easy clean-up between colors!

5. Once you are done smudging, carefully take of the template and reveal their amazing masterpiece! 


lift template to  reveal finished project!

If you are like me, a little bit of dust got under the template. Carefully blow off the dust or dampen a Q-tip and gently rub the dust away. 

Finished silhouette art project

Working with chalk can be messy but it also so much fun! I love how these art pieces came out. Now that you've mastered the technique, you can use it to make cards or other paper art. You can even cut out new shapes to trace! 

 Silhouette Card

Did you create something beautiful? We would love to see it! Email us a photo at whizkidsslo@gmail.com or share it on Facebook or Instagram and tag us @whizkidsslo!

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