Why are Puzzles so Popular Right Now?

Why are Puzzles so Popular Right Now?

Why are Puzzles so Popular Right Now?

Ever since March and the beginning of Covid-19 panic, jigsaw puzzles at Whiz Kids have been flying off our shelves. Even now, when toilet paper and paper towels are easily found, many toy shops are still completely out of puzzles.

It's becoming a tradition in many households to always have a puzzle in progress on the table. We have heard from so many of our customers that they are trying, and enjoying, puzzles for the very first time. Social media is filled with images of puzzles, completed and not. "We've even created a VIP Puzzle email list to notify our puzzle customers when shipments come in." says Lesa Smith, owner of Whiz Kids.  We get so excited in the toy shop every time a shipment of puzzles is delivered! Contact us if you would like to be added to this list.



So why is everyone suddenly puzzling? Should you give it a try


1) Puzzles are tactile!
Have you ever run your hand over the top of a completed puzzle? You are not alone. Between zoom meetings, e-reading, and social media, many of us are spending more time than ever on screens. We are all lacking physical stimuli that unite our heads and our hands. When we begin a jigsaw puzzle, we can feel the pieces locking in together and it satisfies something deep inside us.

2) Puzzles make sense!
The last few months have been filled with uncertainty. Will we have jobs next month? Will our friends and family be healthy? When will we be able to go out without masks again? With so many questions and so few answers, puzzles have become a necessary place of certainty for many. The pieces will all fit together and the image will be revealed. This gives puzzlers some small amount of control back and helps relax our stressed out minds. And speaking of relaxing...

3) Puzzles let us escape!
When you get into the groove of a puzzle, your mind is filled with colors and shapes and there is no room left for life's other stressors. It can be as short or as long of a break as you need from the world. Just add a few pieces or finish the whole thing. And you can escape with your family! When you put a puzzle out, even the youngest in your family can help find edge pieces or sort colors.


If you have been puzzling for a long-time, just re-discovered your love for puzzles, or think it might be time to try your hand at the newest relaxation trend, Check out the puzzles at Whiz Kids Toys in our online shop or in our toy store and find your newest escape. We have searched high and low for high quality puzzle companies with thick pieces and a solid fit to bring in and our shelves are ready for the puzzle mania! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on all of our latest puzzles, toys and games.



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