Nature Walk Flower Pot

Nature Walk Flower Pot

Nature Walk Flower Pot

Let's get outside! 

Some days, the weather is just too nice to stay inside for a craft project (this seems to happen a lot on our beautiful central coast). Today, I am taking my craft project to go! 

I have always loved mixed media art, especially when I get to use materials that aren't usually art supplies. This project is so simple but every finished masterpiece comes out unique! There are so many different flowers and plants you can use.

Nature Walk Flower Pot Craft

Not only does this flower pot craft get kids outside and enjoying nature, it's great fine motor skill practice as well! 

So grab your walking shoes and let's get started!


Nature Walk Craft Supplies


Cutting Cardboard for Nature Walk Craft

1) Cut your cardboard into rectangular tablets. The size doesn't really matter as long as they are easy to hold and handle by your little artists. This is a project that is best handled by a responsible adult.

Colored Pots

2) Draw your flower pot or vase onto the cardboard. I used my Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Markers because the color is so vibrant even on the brown of the cardboard and the tip is thick for easy coloring. Plus, the only thing prettier than nature is nature decorated with glitter. 

3) Add holes above the drawn pot or vase. Poke your scissors carefully through the cardboard to make the small holes, about the size of a stem. I put another piece of cardboard underneath so I didn't accidentally scar my table. If you are crafting with toddlers, you might want to make the holes a bit bigger to make it easier to thread the stems through the cardboard. 

Poke holes in Cardboard

4) Get your shoes on and go for a walk! Take a bag or basket to collect plants along the way. Weeds, flowers, and leaves all look wonderful in this project. Even long grasses will work.

*Pro-tip: take an extra bag with you and collect trash to throw away at the end of your walk. Let's work together to leave our trails even prettier than they were when we got there.

Tape plants in place

5) Thread your stems through the cardboard! You can add tape to the back if the stems don't want to stay in place. You may need to pull off some leaves to expose enough stem. This project looks best if you vary colors, textures, and heights of your plant life. 


Finished Craft version 1

Finished Craft Version 2


Version 3
Did you make your own Nature Walk Flower Pot or Vase? We would love to see it! Email us photos of your finished craft project at or share them on Facebook or Instagram and tag us #whizkidsslo. We can't wait to see what your Whiz Kid creates!

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