Kwik Stix Window Art

Kwik Stix Window Art

Kwik Stix Window Art

Anyone who has attended one of our Whiz Kids story times or parties knows we LOVE Kwik Stix! No need for paint cups and brushes, these twist-up paint sticks are easy to set and practically mess free. Kwik Stix art projects are great for toddlers but fun for kids of all ages. The tempera paint goes on thick, like drawing with a glue stick, but the paint dries in just 90 seconds!

Kwik Stix Markers

Kwik Stix Window Art

Now what if you told your kids they could paint on the windows? They would be so excited! All windows look better with a little color and creativity, right? 

Don't worry, you won't be cleaning paint off the windows for hours. Make beautiful window art with almost no set up time or mess. Just follow these simple steps!


1) Gather supplies

This project is so great because you don't need very many art supplies! All you need is Kwik Stix, parchment paper (wax paper will work if you don't have parchment paper but the paint doesn't stick quite as easily), scissors, clear tape and this template. Using the printable is *optional*. If your children are more advanced artists, feel free to let them draw freehand. For the rest of us, download and print the printable here

Window Art Project Supplies

2) Draw Design on Parchment Paper

Roll your parchment paper over the printable template. Grab your black Kwik Stix and trace the design onto the parchment paper. With little artists, you may want to twist up the Kwik Stix before giving it to your child. You don't need much twisted out! Trace as many squares as you want. The more squares, the bigger your mosaic art piece will be! You can also trace a square and fill it with any design you like. 

3) Color it in! 

The best part of any art project is the painting! Use any colors you want. I didn't always stay in the lines but that's alright!  Just grab your black Kwik Stix and go over the lines again. 

coloring with Kwik Stix

4) Cut Out and Tape Up

 If you are crafting with toddlers, this is good parent step. Grab your scissors and cut out the squares. Like quilting, place the squares next to each other and taper them together. Find a window that gets plenty of sunlight and tape your masterpiece to the window! TAH-DAH!! Master piece completed!

Kwik Stix Window Art

Did you try this craft project and love your result? We want to see it! Send us a photo of your completed art work at or tag us on Facebook or Instagram @whizkidsslo!


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