Do A Dot Dyed Easter Eggs

Do A Dot Dyed Easter Eggs

Do A Dot Dyed Easter Eggs

I LOVE Do A Dot Paint Markers! Totally washable, made in the USA, and easy for even the littlest hands to use, these are a must-have in my art tool box. If you've never used Do a Dot markers before, they are almost like bingo stampers. They are thick plastic containers, filled with 2.5 ounces of bright watercolor ink. Unscrew the lid and the top is a sponge tip that doesn't dry out. Easy set-up, easy to use, and REALLY easy clean-up.

Do A Dot Markers

Decorating Easter Eggs is so much fun but always so much work and clean up! This year, I decided to give my favorite low maintenance art supplies a try! I could not be more excited with how they turned out!

Finished Do a Dot Dyed Egg
The colors turned out more of a pastel color than they do on paper but, of course, for Easter the colors are perfect! This project was super easy and fun. I did get paint on my hands, but luckily it was pretty easy to clean off and it is totally non-toxic! The hardest part was waiting for the paint to dry to unwrap my egg and see how it turned out! Let's get started!

Step 1: Hard Boil Your Eggs

Every Easter Egg project starts with this step, so get cooking! You will need your eggs to be cooled and dry to create your artistic masterpiece, so this is a great step to do the day before if you can. If not, place the eggs in the fridge to cool  them down quicker.


Step 2: Wrap In A Paper Towel

Wrapped Egg

Wrap a paper towel tightly around your egg, the tighter the better! Tie it off at the end with a rubber band to secure the towel. The part with the rubber band will be the hardest part to tie dye so make sure you tie it off at the bottom or the back, depending on how you want to display your egg.



Step 3: Paint your Egg!

Do a Dot Egg       Adding do a dot paint

The most fun step is here! Don't make the mistake I did and forget to put paper down. Eggs roll and you don't want to let the paint roll all over your table, even if it is washable! Once you have laid down some paper, grab out your Do A Dot markers and start to stamp color onto the paper towel. Don't be afraid to go over the paint more than once to really soak in the color. Once your paper towel is thoroughly coated, wrap in another paper towel and apply pressure for about 30 seconds. Set it aside and wait for it to dry.

Step 4: Unwrap Your Masterpiece


unwrap the egg

 Okay, painting was fun, but this was ACTUALLY my favorite part! It was like unwrapping a present! I didn't know how the egg had turned out and was excited with anticipation to get a peak. Once your egg is fully dried, gently remove the rubber band and unwrap your egg. TA-DAH, you now have your very own pastel Do A Dot dyed egg!  Don't you just love the colors and the texture? Each egg comes out differently but they are so beautiful together! 



Do a Dot dyed Easter Eggs
Finished Dyed Easter Eggs

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