DIY Heart Bouquet Card Craft for Kids

DIY Heart Bouquet Card Craft for Kids

DIY Heart Bouquet Card Craft for Kids

I LOVE making cards! Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse for trying out new card styles. These Heart Bouquet Cards are a fun craft project for kids and make great Valentines cards (or even Mother's Day cards!). Open the bouquet up, and the card becomes a heart! The best part of this craft is that it uses all of those paper scraps you can't bare to just throw in the trash. Didn't it come out cute?

DIY Valentine Card for kids

What you will need:

  • Heavy duty paper (I used an old folder but Cardstock paper will work too!)
    Paper craft supplies
  • Colorful paper scraps (you can use construction paper or tissue paper) 
  • A page of newspaper or graph paper or similar
  • A black crayon or marker
  • Scissors
  • A glue stick
  • Pipe cleaner


Let's Get Started!

1) Shape the Heart Card

Grab your heavy duty paper. This will be the base of your card! Fold your paper and half and, starting at the folded edge, cut a half-heart shape out, so when your card is opened it creates a full heart. Using black marker, sketch a few lines on the front

Making a Heart Valentine

2) Wrap your Bouquet

Next, we use our graph paper to make a pretty wrapping, just like a bouquet you get at a flower shop! Lay the heart card on top of the graph paper and open it up. Fold the graph paper around the card base. Cut along the fold lines and glue the graph paper down making sure the card can still open. Now time to tie it with a bow! You can use ribbon if you prefer but you have to glue it and I am TERRIBLE at tying bows, so I chose a festive piece of pipe cleaner. Wrap it around the base. 

Wrap Card Bouquet

3) Create your Heart Bouquet

Time to grab your paper scraps! I used construction paper but you can use any colorful paper, including tissue paper or wrapping paper. Cut out some hearts out of a few different color papers. You can make them different styles and sizes too! Experiment with layering them on the ends of the black marks. When you are happy with your result, glue those hearts down! 

Glue paper hearts on bouquet

4) Write inside your Card

You are almost done! All you have to do is write a special message and decorate the inside of your card. You can even add a few more colorful paper hearts! Slide the pipe cleaner off and open up your card. Add your message, close that card, and slide the pipe cleaner back into place. TA DA! You are ready to share the love and spread smiles to your Valentine!

Inside Heart Card

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