Cracking Egg Craft Project

Cracking Egg Craft Project

Cracking Egg Craft Project

I am breaking out one of my tried and true craft projects today! I have led variations of this craft during preschool story time many times and it is always a blast! 

Today, I am cracking eggs! Nothing says springtime like eggs and baby chicks!  However, this project can easily be adapted for any animal that is hatched. If your little artists prefers dinosaurs, dragons, or turtles, go ahead and substitute the chick for another animal. This project is so much fun because after we are done crafting, it is so much fun to play with your creation. I love how proud the kids always are of their handmade toy!

Please note: There are some parts of this project that will require adult assistance.

Let's get started!


  • 2 Paper Plates
  • Chick Printable
  • Markers or favorite coloring supplies
  • Scissors
  • Paste or tape (I personally find tape easier for little kids because you don't have to wait for the glue to dry.)
  • 1 Brad Fastener (If you don't have one, don't worry! Scroll down to bottom for my craft hack.)


1) Download and print out our free chick printable. Color in your chick with crayons, markers, or your favorite coloring supplies. 

Chick Coloring Page

2) Cut out your chick and tape it into the inside of one of the plates. 

Paper plate with chick inside

3) Draw a jagged line in the middle of the second plate. Cut along the line to create two halves. (Depending on the thickness of your plate, this step may be better for an adult.) These halves will make up the cracking egg.

Cutting egg

4) Stack one of the egg plate halves on top of the bottom plate, lip on lip. Paste or glue them together.

Stack the plates to form bottom of the cracking egg

5) Create a hole on the other egg plate half and on the bottom plate. Line up the holes and secure the plates together with a brad fastener. 

Attach brad fastener



I always have brad fasteners around for craft projects because they are so easy to use! However, if you don't have a brad, that's okay. I have a substitution!

 Substitute or Brad Fastener

Grab 2 can tabs and a little bit of string or yarn. Lace the string between the two holes on of the tabs. Run both sides of the string through the holes on the two plates. Attach the second tab and tie the strings tightly! Cut off the extra string and you are ready to get cracking!


Did you make a cracking egg at home? What did you put inside? We would love to see your finished masterpiece. Email us a photo at or share it on Facebook or Instagram and tag us at #whizkidsslo. 

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