Silhouette Easter Egg Craft

Silhouette Easter Egg Craft

Silhouette Easter Egg Craft

Have you tried the new Cosmic Shine Craft Paints from Ooly? This paint set is beautiful with 6 glitter acrylic paints and 6 pearlescent acrylic paints. The color is so lustrous and sparkling! I love using these paints to add a little shine to my artwork. 

Cosmic Shine Acrylic Paint

 With Easter around the corner, I knew these sparkling colors would look great on an Easter Egg. Decorating Easter eggs is one of my favorite traditions! I usually opt for dyeing my eggs because I am not a very skilled painter, but I knew I had to give these acrylic paints a try! 

Today I'm showing a super simple painting project, Silhouette Easter Eggs! The best part is that I get to use my sticker collection too! The design options are endless! Let's get started!

Step 1: Hard Boil Your Eggs

First, you will need to hard boil eggs. You will need your eggs to be cooled and dry to create your artistic masterpiece, so this is a great step to do the day before if you can. If not, place the eggs in the fridge to cool  them down quicker and pat dry.

Step 2: Sticker Time

Sticker Easter Egg

Pull out your sticker collection and pick out your stickers. This part is so much fun! You can use one large sticker or several small ones. You can even wrap stickers all the way around your egg! Stickers that are more plastic-y will be easier to remove at the end than paper stickers. The most important part is to pick stickers with really clear shapes you will recognize without the picture. Hearts, flowers, and vines work great! I chose a big bunny sticker I have; those ears are pretty obvious even without a face! Really make sure you press the edges of your stickers down firmly on the face of your egg and no part is peeling up. 

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Step 3: Paint Your Egg

Art supplies

Pick your favorite color and get painting! This paint is a super sparkly and pretty but if you don't want it to be translucent you will need to apply several coats. Use you paintbrush to take a thick glob of paint and, starting from the sticker, paint out like a starburst of paint. You can use one color or many, the choice is yours! Let your paint dry completely before moving on.



Paint Your Egg

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Step 4: Peel the Sticker Away

Once you are sure your paint is dry, gently scratch the sticker away. Ta- Dah! Enjoy your beautiful Silhouette Easter Egg! 

peel sticker

Finished Egg  Painted Egg

When I was finished, I decided my bunnies body was not as distinctive as I thought it would be. That's alright! Add a little permanent marker to the outline to make the shape clearer. I used my Perfectly Permanent Markers from Ooly because they have so many colors!

 Finished Egg

I would love to see how your eggs turned out! Share photos with me by emailing them to or tag me on Facebook or Instagram using #whizkidsslo or whizkidsathome.

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