About Whiz Kids

About Whiz Kids

About Whiz Kids

Toy Store magic is real. I knew it the first time I walked into Whiz Kids.

What is toy store magic? It's the feeling of youthful excitement and glee that fills your heart and makes you want to PLAY no matter your age.

Lesa opened Whiz Kids Toys in 1987 with the hopes of creating a place where families and neighbors come together to explore, learn, and, of course, PLAY! She works hard to make sure every toy, game, puzzle, and activity kit in her store is high quality and has high play value. All you have to do is walk in and you will see that the store jam packed with toys for kids (and kids at heart) that make you want to play! But that's not the only thing that makes her and her store so amazing.

I'm sorry, I should introduce myself. My name is Sarah-Beth and I have been working at Whiz Kids Toys since 2014. I've worked in many retail shops and I can say confidently that there is no place like Whiz Kids. I had moved to San Luis Obispo and had trouble finding friends and a place to belong. Lesa hired me and soon I had both! The community that Lesa has created is what makes Whiz Kids so special. The staff and customers become friends that share milestones and advice. Whiz Kids hosts events and classes for our neighbors of all ages; Preschool Story Times, Pokemon Trading, Puzzle Trading, Art Classes, Science Classes and more. This is what makes Whiz Kids the best place that I have ever worked. We know we can help you find the perfect toys for your kids because we know so much about toys but, more importantly, we know you and your kids!

Whiz Kids is more than a store. It's a place to play, a community center, and a family. Whiz Kids is my family I am happy to have you in it.

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