'You Will Leave A Trail of Stars' by Lisa Congdon

'You Will Leave A Trail of Stars' by Lisa Congdon

'You Will Leave A Trail of Stars' by Lisa Congdon

You will leave a trail of stars words of inspiration for blazing your own path

  Lisa Congdon is one of my favorite artists!  Her colorful illustrations and beautiful hand lettering have inspired thousands of fans in museums, books and even Instagram! When I saw Congdon's new illustrated guide to life - 'You Will Leave A Trail of Stars', I knew I needed a copy for myself. As life gets a little closer to normal in the wake of the pandemic, I have been needing a little extra positivity and inspirations and this beautiful book has page after page of just that! 

Lisa Congdon Drawing Painting

When I first started browsing through the pages, I thought to myself "I want to frame every page!". Congdon's signature bright and bold artwork is paired with inspirational mantras and personal advice and anecdotes. Each spread leaves you feeling a little more positive and a lot more empowered. Flip randomly to a page and find clever, heartfelt, and even humorous tips and tricks for living with intention and joy. 

I wish I could go back in time to share "You Will Leave a Trail of Stars", with my younger self. It would make a great gift for any new graduate, whether it's from elementary school, high school, or college! If you are a beginning a new chapter in life or just looking for some extra motivation and  inspiration (and who doesn't need that?) look no further! Grab a copy Lisa Congdon's "You Will Leave a Trail of Stars" at Whiz Kids Toys and get over 100 pages of beautifully presented wisdom and encouragement to help you take on any new challenge that comes your way! Take a peek inside:

Inside Trail of Stars Words of Inspiration


Inside You Will Leave a Trail Of Stars

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