'You Matter' by Christian Robinson

'You Matter' by Christian Robinson

'You Matter' by Christian Robinson

You Matter Children's Book

In a simple and heartfelt message 'You Matter' reminds us of all the ways we are connected and make a difference in one another’s lives. Robinson’s sweet text of inclusivity is reinforced by his expansive and colorful illustrations in a timeless message that will be appreciated by all who read it. With the cadence of a lullaby or mantra, this book's message is clear and vital: no matter who you are, what you feel, and even if everyone is too busy to help - You Matter!

Christian Robinson, the talented illustrator of Carmela Full of Wishes and Milo Imagines the World, has now authored a New York Times Bestseller of his own.

As a big fan of Christian Robinson's art, I knew I would love this book!  There is something so sweet and thoughtful in his words and illustrations that resonates with me and for every age and experience. "It was important to me to connect us all together," he said in a recent interview

'You Matter' is a great conversation starter for parents to talk with their children about those hard emotions we all feel sometimes. This beautiful book lets us talk about how we can feel small, or invisible, or even lost and reminds us those feelings are valid but they do not define us, because we ALL matter. Let's take a peak inside: 

Inside You Matter
inside you matter picture book
This beautiful book offers the quiet reminder we all need regularly; that we matter simply because we’re here, and that we are all connected in ways big and small. I hope it will become an instant favorite in your family, as it has become in mine.

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